Handwritten Words

Have I mentioned that Dominic bought Project Life (the olive edition!) for me as my Christmas gift? It didn’t come out until January, then we moved in February and on the last day of March I finally opened it all up and started my first layout. I’m planning to do one spread each month to […]

Dancing Queen

Yes, she always dances with her eyes closed. It is one of those darling, endearing things about her. Mama loves you sweet girl. Never stop being YOU! P.S. Around the web I’m honoring Max’s namesake with an easy project and oooing and ahhhing over our Boba carrier – check out the links in your free […]

Chop Chop

The winds of change. They’ve been blowing around here for quite some time (new baby, new town, new church, new house, new … I’m sure something else is on the horizon!). So, rather than push all the changes and newness away because golly they are getting kind of annoying I’m making a conscience effort to […]

Seven Years

A good friend of mine posted this Q&A thread from Apartment Therapy on Facebook this week and boy, was it exactly what I needed to read. Cause we’re in the big, gorgeous house now and it feels empty and cluttered with boxes and we’re holding off on blinds (sorry neighbors) and other purchases until we […]

Shopping In My Pajamas

This week I ventured out solo two days in a row. Go me. Ever since we transitioned Max to his convertible car seat (Sunshine Radian for the win!) he has stopped screaming the moment his bum touches the seat. Huge sigh of relief and answer to 5 months of prayers. Harvesting veggies | Suction tunnel […]

Croup is Crap & Other Random Thoughts

I barely slept Friday night. I suspected my poor baby had croup. First thing Saturday morning I called our doctor. Their website said Saturdays were reserved for urgent pediatric appointments. After speaking with the snarkiest receptionist ever who didn’t care that my 4 month old was having a hard time breathing, I found an urgent […]

Cosleeping Naps

Cosleeping babies often prefer cosleeping naps. Max is one of them. And every chance I get, I snuggle next to him. For these moments are few and fleeting. And I want to soak up every one of them that I can. … Oh so many ways to follow along … Blog – GFC – Blog […]

The Same Page /// Needing Grace

Completely unrelated to this post, but don’t you just adore this snowberry arrangement from Jones Design Company? Emily is definitely one of my new fave bloggers. Even better news, I found a random field on my way to town that has snowberries! I’m hoping to cut some soon and make my own holiday centerpiece with […]