Week of the Amazing Aunts – Hannah

Hannah doing her stylin’ thing, downtown Olympia You can read Hannah’s blog here. I was 5 years old when Hannah was in utero. This same year brought about my first meltown … or at least the first one I vividly remember. Mom and I were at Fred Meyer standing the check out line when she […]

Week of the Amazing Aunts – Katie

Katie and her skydiving trainerYou can visit Katie’s blog here. I’m telling you baby, you have a fun aunt waiting for you to arrive! Your Aunt Katie skydives, rock climbs, participates in the January Ice Plunge, slacklines, bowls, and runs in the rain for fun. If I’m not something, your Aunt Katie will fill in […]

From an Engagement Ring to an Uppa Baby

This was us 3 years ago … May 18, 2007 Approximately 1 hour before Dominic proposed to me near the Portland waterfront. The day I officially became the luckiest girl in the world! I was 20, he was turning 21 the next week. Neither of us had jobs. I had just finished by Bachelors and […]

Mother’s Day

Little reality check here … I’M GOING TO BE A MOM!!! Nothing like trying to grasp my pending motherhood. Today was one of the days that helped to piece it all together. I was told “Happy Mother’s Day” over and over and I’m sure I responded with some puzzled looks. Then I realized, wow, they […]