My friend, the scale

I wonder about alot of things that should never cross a person’s mind.One of these taboo wonderings is … “How much does that person weigh?” It doesn’t matter if it a rail thin person or not … I wonder. I always wish I knew so I could further hone my weight-guessing skills.I would love to […]

Weekend Wrap Up

We’ve been spending our weekends in Olympia for the last while. My parents recently built a house which consisted of some mega painting projects, the actual move, decorating and this weekend’s project … SOD! And yes, that is me overseeing Dominic’s expert sod-laying skills :) Between sod-laying and rain showers (thank the Lord for helping […]

Shave or Suck In?

Every morning I have a dilemma. I can either shave my legs and wear a comfy dress/elastic waist skirt or spend my day sucking myself into a pair of tiny-around-the-waist pants. If I ruled the world, I would avoid both options and wear yoga pants. But, alas, I do not rule the world and yoga […]

My Little Night Owl

When I lay down at night … propped up between 1,00 pillows … I feel my little one wiggle around like crazy. It’s hard to think about falling asleep when all I want to do is focus on these little movements. Let me tell you, I’ve got a little night owl growing inside of me! […]

18 week appointment – check!

I met with Lucina yesterday for my monthly appointment. It went smooth as butter … baby is growing, I’m healthy, and we’re gearing up for the next milestone – OUR ULTRASOUND! Highlights of my appointment: I was scolded for wearing such high heels … they were just wedges, but I was encouraged to make the […]