It’s Party Time!

My sisters and a bunch of friends from home are planning a fun shower later this month. Check out these lovely invites … I can’t wait! A special thanks to Mallory at Maysie Faye’s on Etsy for creating this digital artwork! She is very prompt, does lots of customizations and was great to work with. […]

First Father’s Day

Hey Dad, It’s me … you’re little one :) I’m stopping by Mama’s blog to wish you a Happy 1st Father’s Day! She said I’ll be arriving in about 111 days. Aren’t you excited? I’m sure looking forward to a crazy amount of snuggling this Fall. Good thing you have your TiVo so we can […]

The Big Move

Yesterday morning I left one home and after work I drove to my new home. Our entire life had been loaded into a truck and off we went on another crazy moving adventure. Throughout the day my mom sent me picture updates while I was at work so I could stay involved in the process. […]

Crazy Schedule of a Crazy Mama

Saturday my bestie, Mallory, arrived in town from Boise. We walked, talked, drank decaf coffee, went out to eat, and went to bed early (like all good pregnant girls do). My mom and sisters arrived on Sunday for my first baby shower which was smashing :) Pictures soon …Today, Monday, is moving day. AH!!!! My […]

Dominic Meets Famous Daves

I signed up for every birthday freebie in the book and we were able to cash in fast with Dominic’s 24th birthday last week. So, off we went to Famous Dave’s, a new BBQ place (or at least new to us). I had some awful nachos :( But, Dominic loved his BBQ plate. I tried […]