Style File — Love Comma

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Remember when I raved about maternity underwear and questioned why it took me so long to get a few pairs? Here are the winners if you’re curious! Well, I’m in the same boat when it comes to nursing clothes. Or, as Love Comma calls it feedwear. Seriously, why try to make regular clothes work when there […]

Breastfeeding Essentials Guide


My mama resume boasts 5 years of breastfeeding. FIVE. YEARS. There was a break when I was pregnant with Max and then a few weeks between Max weaning and Reid being born. So, for the most part, this whole nourishing another person with my body has been a full time gig for a long time. […]

4 Kinds Of Bras Every Breastfeeding Mom Needs


I truly envy the mamas who have figured out how to nurse with their regular bras. By the title of this post, you’ve probably guessed that I am not that girl. These here nursing tatas need mega support during their lactating days. For real. End of story, no negotiating allowed. Because of my fluctuation between […]

What I’ve Learned In 50 Months of Breastfeeding


If you were expecting a list on how I’ve reached this milestone — 50 months of breastfeeding, whoop, whoop, high five to me and my babies! — you’ll find this post lacking. Every situation is so unique, every mother/baby duo so special that what I’ve experienced is most likely very different from what you’ve experienced. Over […]

How To Night Wean An Older Child


I’m slow to process meaningful events in my life. Molasses slow. Breastfeeding is one such event, well, experience. Hence, this post has been in my drafts since late Winter when I first started to night wean Max. He had just turned 2 1/2 and I felt like it was time. For him and for me. Not […]

Where I’ve Been

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This week I scrolled through my recent posts to recall what I’ve covered here on the blog and found it so lacking :/ I used to share some pretty awesome posts if I do say so myself and the last few months have been random Style Files, recipes and pregnancy updates. Kind of lame if […]

Why I Nurse In Public


I never intended to be a breastfeeding exhibitionist. Promise. And really, that’s not an accurate label for me at all. Breastfeeding advocate? Yes. Regular ol mama? Absolutely. When my daughter was born I knew I wanted to breastfeed and as we traversed the logistics nursing in public just started happening. She would be hungry at […]

As Long As You’re Living, My Baby You’ll Be

sleeping Max 72214

Oh Max, my baby. My little man. I look at you and smile. And tear up. And chuckle. And feel all sorts of awe for the blessing you are to me. Today I rocked Max before settling him into bed, all 35 pounds of him. He is long. His legs extend beyond the arm of […]

14 Reasons to Breastfeed Your Toddler

bfing toddler

This month marks my 22nd month of nursing Max. First as a chunky little baby and now as a rough and tumble almost 2 year old. It’s been quite the road and it seems I never know what’s coming next. But I love it. And I didn’t really know if I would. That’s the thing […]