The Forgotten Things

Throughout my day, I buzz nonstop. There is always something to do, someone to care for. At night, when I reflect back on what I did or did not accomplish, I always find it hard to summarize what happened. Because really, what did I do? Anything worthwhile? Anything that matters?  It seems that my daily […]

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I hustled my bustle before we left for Disneyland and got a ton of work done so I could fully embrace the magic without interruption. Go me! Doing that has made December slow and easy and really lovely. For me, freelance is one of those “when it rains it pours” type of things and honestly, I’ve […]

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  I bought myself flowers at Trader’s Joes yesterday, because, well, $3.99! And flowers make home happier. I really love having fresh flowers around and should probably keep them on my perpetual grocery shopping list. Especially the jewel-toned Fall variety … they’re just gorgeous! The tomatoes went on this pasta dish and the power juice […]

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We’ve been reading lots and lots since kicking off our homeschool year. So far, this book ^^^, Flyaway, is our favorite library pick thus far. The illustrations are just gorgeous. I’m totally a sucker for pretty illustrations. And Jem ooo’s and ahhhh’s right along with me. It helps that Jemma’s sing song reading voice is […]

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Pause right there and download the Prisma app. It’s my new favorite. I’m prisma-ing everything.  Next up. Forgive me for the massive wave of sponsored posts lately. I got behind while in Austin and everything just piled up and piled up high. I hate it, you hate it, but we all gots to pay the bills […]

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June welcomed our annual beach trip to the Washington coast. And so far July has been full of summer camps and menial, but productive home projects. It has been simple like summer should be. Once August arrives though, whoa, things pick up at breakneck speed around here! By the time we turn the calendar to […]

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There they are. The reason I write. The inspiration for just about everything. Love them. Love them big time. If you would have told me 6 years ago that I’d be earning a decent part-time income from sharing words on the internet I never would have believed you. In fact, some of you have written lately […]

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Don’t forget to enter the PayPal giveaway! Everyone loves a little extra $$$ in their PayPal account, right? On Tuesday evening I went to acupuncture. It was my first real session – the technical first being when I was in labor with Jemma and had an acute treatment, but this was a full session and […]

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  Before I hit you up with link for some of my favorite freelance posts this month, let me first say … 1) Selfie sticks are amazing! See above :) Mine came as a gift from Stitch Fix and I heart it big time. Plusalso, Stitch Fix as a Christmas gift is a total must. […]

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Popping in to share a few of my writing pieces that aren’t on my blog, but are on the internet! These could also be called “The Fruits of Mom’s Panera Escape” since that is where I tend to do most of my focused writing these days :) And, as always, thank you so much for your love […]