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Remember when I raved about maternity underwear and questioned why it took me so long to get a few pairs? Here are the winners if you’re curious! Well, I’m in the same boat when it comes to nursing clothes. Or, as Love Comma calls it feedwear. Seriously, why try to make regular clothes work when there are fabulous pieces made specifically for breastfeeding moms?

love comma

Nursing Ready X-Back Maxi Dress, c/o Love Comma — jacket, Costco — Lucky Brielley Perforated Bootie, Nordstrom — Beanie, Target — Obsidian Hammered Silicone Ring, Enso Rings

When I’m not nursing, I love wearing dresses. They’re feminine and comfortable; chic and often, timeless. What’s not to love? But, while breastfeeding, dresses just aren’t practical. And thus, they’re something I tend to sacrifice when I have a little one who needs to nurse often. Hiking up a dress to get boob access is far from discreet, and, well, quit chilly! So, I usually opt for skinnies and a blouse or a skirt and top combo when I have a nursling. But, thanks to Love Comma’s genius, I now have a basic black dress that I can dress up or down AND nurse in without issue thanks to the lift and peel feature. Made from a light-weight jersey that doesn’t cling, this dress is capsule worthy; as are many of the other NYC-made Love Comma pieces.





What’s your token breastfeeding style? I love a basic black, but sure am swoon-y for these stripes and this asymmetrical number too! Pretty much, Love Comma hasn’t missed anything when thinking through just what moms and babies need. What breastfeeding access option do you think you’d like best? 

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