Lactation Cookies

I whipped up a batch of these cookies for a friend who recently returned to work. Her pumping output has decreased a bit and we all know how worrisome that can be when your little one is relying on mama’s milk around the clock. She messaged me this morning that she had gobbled up a […]

Finding a Nanny to Be Part of My Village

Welcome to the World Breastfeeding 2013 Blog Carnival cohosted by and The San Diego Breastfeeding Center! This post was written for inclusion in the WBW 2013 Blog Carnival. Our participants will be writing and sharing their stories about community support and normalizing breastfeeding all week long. Find more participating sites in the list at […]

12 Essential Items for Pumping Mamas

Today, I’m over at Natural Parents Network talking about 12 Essential Items for Pumping Mamas. Hop over to read the whole post and chime in with your essentials!      It is never fun to be caught unprepared when it is time to pump, and sometimes thinking through everything you may need is too difficult […]

Boobs & Babies — Work Edition

Read the original Boobs & Babies here. I returned to work when Jemma was 4 months and 5 days old. I was blessed to have 18 weeks at home. Priceless weeks to bond with my girl and establish our nursing relationship. Upon my return to work I planned to pump once in the morning, have […]

Boobs & Babies

 Let me start with saying everyone’s breastfeeding experience is completely unique. Know that. Own that.   What I’m about to share is my experience. Yours shouldn’t be exactly like it because you are a different mama and you have a different baby. Dare I say a breastfeeding relationship is like a marriage – yours is […]

I went back to work … and survived

J Baby and I during our lunch break nursing session … such sweet moments in the middle of a busy day There aren’t quite words to express all of the emotions I felt this week as I returned to work. It still feels quite abnormal to say, “I’m a working mom” as that was never […]