Potty Training Now, Because …

Reid turned three recently and for awhile now, I’ve thought he has been ready to make the transition from diapers to handsome little boy unders. But, he hasn’t really asked. And, on my end, I haven’t really felt much worry about pressing it.  All over the internet you’ll find articles about the best time to […]

Mistakes + Forgiveness and a Lily Jade Giveaway!

“Mom, you sound like a weally loud lion.” He said it with sadness in his eyes and  a shivering bottom lip. I could see the tears beginning to fall and I opened my arms to my sweet, sensitive 3 year old. Uh! I totally suck! Who yells like that? Who loses self-control over something so trivial? Apparently me. Me, the […]

The Better Question — What Can I Give?

Dear Lord, give me strength. Give me patience. Give me calm. Give me health. Help Max to listen. Make Reid take a solid morning nap. Help me to prioritize and be productive. Patience too, did I mention that? I need patience. Big time. These are the words that shuffle through my mind and off my lips most […]

Grace Upon Grace

9:38pm. Deep breaths. Two children down. One to go. Tomorrow’s clothes are laid out. Kids hair is washed. The vacuum is running. Thank you Jesus for Roomba! I sway and hum to our favorite sleepy song. I squeeze Reid a little tighter. My darling little one. He sighs and draws closer to my chest; to […]

Word of the Year: Today

January was such a blur for me this year … newborns will do that to you, I suppose! I’m just now getting around to many of my annual traditions … ahem … and am happy to finally report that I’ve landed on a word of the year for 2016. Today.  It’s my reminder to focus on the present. To be […]

Costco {Unfilitered}

Today, a tale of my attempt to leave the house for the second time with 3 young children. The first attempt, two weeks ago, landed us with a totaled car. The poor, unfortunate day, all I wanted to do was return a library book and buy a smoothie. Then we got rear ended. Boo. Such […]

Lessons From the Womb

Overdue.  That is the state of my life at the moment. In between the Christmas celebration and New Year’s Eve, I’m left waiting. Twirling my thumbs and watching for “signs” – of which there are none.  I’ve always been fantastic at preaching “guess dates” when it comes to baby birth days. It’s an easy place […]

Who Are You?

I’ll admit, I don’t connect well with my pregnancies. At least I don’t feel like I do.   I think about my baby often; I try a lot to connect. But it’s a struggle for sure. It takes being calm and mindful and those are qualities I lack in many areas of my life. I’m not […]

Where I’ve Been

This week I scrolled through my recent posts to recall what I’ve covered here on the blog and found it so lacking :/ I used to share some pretty awesome posts if I do say so myself and the last few months have been random Style Files, recipes and pregnancy updates. Kind of lame if […]

10 Confidence Boosters For You & Your Daughter

I get it. It’s really hard to look in the mirror and think, “Golly, I sure love you!” Usually we see blemishes and stretch marks first, tired eyes and crazy mom hair.  But if I believe anything, it’s that self-confidence begins at home and the very best thing I can do for my children is to […]