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My mama resume boasts 5 years of breastfeeding. FIVE. YEARS. There was a break when I was pregnant with Max and then a few weeks between Max weaning and Reid being born. So, for the most part, this whole nourishing another person with my body has been a full time gig for a long time.

With that near constant experience I’ve found some favorites, some essentials that I wouldn’t want to breastfeed without. Over the years I’ve tried ALOT of products and these few are what I would consider the absolute musts.

Hygeia Enjoye — I read about this pump early on, but had another that was doing good enough so I didn’t take the Hygeia plunge. But, when I was pregnant with Reid I was able to take advantage of my insurance covering a pump and I requested the Hygeia. It has been amazing! It pumps like a mother! The Hygeia Enjoye is the only hospital grade, personal-use pump on the market and since pumping isn’t really fun, it might as well be productive. I can’t say enough good things about this pump. Definitely see if it’s one your insurance covers or register for it!

Simple Wishes Handsfree Breastpump Bra — It’s foolish to pump without a handsfree bra. When I pump I’d much rather read, scroll through my phone or have my hands free to help a wandering child (because they always know when you’re tied up and unable to assist!). The Simple Wishes bra zips on and holds the flanges in place. It’s comfortable and super easy to use. Mine is ALWAYS in my pump bag ready to go to work when the milk gets a flowin’! 

Milk-Saver — This is a must for the early days when your letdown is crazy active. When it’s time to nurse you tuck the Milk-Saver in your bra on the non-nursing side. When baby latches and triggers a letdown they get the milk from the breast they’re attached to and the Milk-Saver catches all the milk that would otherwise be absorbed by a nursing pad. For me this could range from a half ounce up to almost 3 ounces!!! Pour into a bag or bottle and store for baby for later.

Lansinoh Nursing Pads — Is it apparent yet that I leak? Well, I’ve tried quite a few brands and washable nursing pads too and I always go back to Lansinoh. I use some washable ones on home days, but for the most part I stick with my trusty Lansinoh pads.

Mason Bar Company Lids + Straws — Drinking tons of water is essential to keeping my supply up. I’ve learned that, for me, I drink more water when it’s in a cup with a lid and straw. I love using mason jar tumblers and the Mason Bar Company has the best accessories for encouraging H2O guzzling!


Do you have a favorite breastfeeding product? Please share! I hope Reid and I will make it at least another year of nursing so I’m totally game to try out other recommendations in the coming months!

Oh, and lactation cookies! Can’t forget those!

Today’s post is sponsored in part by Simple Wishes. I was so honored when they reached out because I’ve used and loved my pumping bra for years! A match made in heaven!

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  1. janie vezina says

    love this post, will keep it and come back to it as needed. thank you for sharing.

  2. Viv Sluys says

    You should try Undercover Mama nursing tops. They are my favourite because they have no straps, are long enough and perfectly snug without being tight. They clip onto your bra strap so it’s really easy to just unclip and feed. I wear them under all my regular shirts pretty much.

  3. desiree says

    just keep up with the moms and doc and tell them any thing that change in you syspetm and the babys

  4. says

    I will definitely check to see if Hygeia is available through my insurance! Part of me thinks that I never was successful with pumping because it was just a crummy pump.

    Motherlove Nipple cream was a lifesaver for early cracked nipples!

    My favorite reusable nursing pads have always been Bamboobies, but I also don’t have a huge overactive let down.

  5. says

    Yes, this is such a great list!! I second the advice above for Motherlove cream and bamboobies. Also, having a cute pump bag (I have a Sarah Wells bag) made pumping at work less of a drag.

    I’ll need to try a Hygeia pump with the next kid!

    5 years is seriously amazing. Kudos to you!

  6. says

    just keep up with the moms and doc and tell them any thing that change in you syspetm and the babys