I went back to work … and survived


J Baby and I during our lunch break nursing session … such sweet moments in the middle of a busy day There aren’t quite words to express all of the emotions I felt this week as I returned to work. It still feels quite abnormal to say, “I’m a working mom” as that was never […]

The Scoop on Excess Lipase

From what I’ve read over the last week I’ve learned excess lipase is pretty rare and there isn’t a ton of information on it. What I do know is that lipase is a normal part of breast milk. Lipase is the enzyme which helps milk fat to be digested. Lipase is the reason breast milk […]

My Latest Obstacle — Excess Lipase

I’m pausing a bit from blogging this week. I discovered I have excess lipase in my breast milk and it’s raising quite the drama for these reasons: The 200 ounces I pumped and froze over my maternity leave can’t be used To be able to store milk I have to scald it which is quite […]

With. My. Milk.


Photo credit Jemma and I are in the groove with nursing. It truly is a wonderful experience and I feel so blessed that we haven’t had any major issues. I had big fears about the transition into nursing, but all in all it has been void of terror. I love being able to calm, nourish […]

Adventures With My Pump, the Mall, and Baby Girl


My little bumpkin and I have had quite a lovely day.   For the last few days I’ve been willing myself to start pumping and storing my milk. Jemma and I have had quite a successful breastfeeding relationship. She latches well, drinks quickly, glances up at me with her “melt-my-heart” blue eyes, burps easily and […]