My Love Hate Relationship With Pumping

This post is in partnership with Aeroflow Breastpumps.

I have a love hate relationship with pumping.

There, I said it. No reason to sugar coat one of the less glamorous parts of motherhood, right?

I mean, don’t we all hate being milked? I love that I have the opportunity to nourish my baby and maintain my supply while apart, but the whole idea of pumping is just, well, mechanical and a little bit awkward. Ok, ok, a lot a bit awkward.

Over the years I’ve become accustom to the process and when I really think about it I feel extremely blessed in regard to pumping. Just a decade ago, moms didn’t have half the products and resources we have now. And back then insurance rarely if ever covered the cost of a breast pump. Now, it’s easy to get a breast pump through insurance! Since pumping for Jemma in 2010-2011, I’ve experienced a noticeable difference in the ease of pumping, not because things have changed with me, but because things have changed with breast pumps.

I used to loathe pumping. Hate hate hate. Mostly because it meant I was away from my baby, but also because my first pump was pretty uncomfortable (I used the wrong size flanges for the longest time which definitely contributed to my discomfort). It was also really loud! Jump ahead to present day and no joke, I’m here to say that I recently had the best, easiest, and most comfortable pumping experience I’ve ever had thanks to the Motif Luna Double Electric Pump. Friends, pumping is on the upswing!

Had I not partnered with Aeroflow to share about the Motif Luna, I would still be telling you about it. In my almost nine years of breastfeeding I’ve used four different breast pumps and without a doubt the Motif Luna is my favorite. FAVORITE! Here’s why:

It’s quiet — Truly, a gently hum is all you hear.

It’s a closed system — This is a feature I always look for in a pump because a closed system prevents back flow and contamination.

It gets the job done — Moms say the Luna is all about “More milk in less time” and I absolutely agree!

The Luna has a massage and expression mode — Mimicking baby nursing is key to a good pumping sesh. These modes do just that. Within each mode there are multiple levels too; you can customize it to exactly what you need.

It has a night light — Perfect if you’re pumping while baby sleeps.

It’s sleek and lightweight — Can a breast pump be pretty? Because the Luna is! It also weighs just two pounds so although it’s not touted as being a travel pump, it’s definitely an easy one to transport.

The Luna is comfortable — Like I mentioned, I’ve used four other pumps and this one is by far the best. I won’t go as far as to say that I enjoy pumping, but I definitely don’t dread it with the Luna.

With Eli I’ve had more opportunities to sneak away for a little R&R than I have with any other baby … two short trips this last year and two more on the horizon. My pump has made those getaways possible. I’m so thankful for it! I hate to pump, but love it just the same!

A special shout out to Mimi too! It takes a brave soul to happily watch a baby/toddler who loves their mama milk! Without my mom, there is no way I’d be able to leave home for a few days.

Since I have the privilege of pumping, it hasn’t even crossed my mind to wean. Pumping allows me to keep up my supply while I’m away and quickly return to breastfeeding once I’m home. It has also allowed me to donate breast milk, most recently to a mama friend who is battling cancer. Pumping is truly a gift … to so many people in so many aspects. My love for pupming is beginning to outweigh the hate for sure. Lately there are just too many perks!

Have you found a breast pump you love? If not, I can’t recommend the Motif Luna enough! If you have any questions, just ask!

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