Blood Work and Baby Kicks

 Last week I spent 30 minutes explaining a blood work request to the clinic – read more about my experience with co-managed healthcare here.

I seethed at how difficult this was all becoming. Should I just switch to the clinic’s OB? Should I just spend the money to pay out pocket for the test and not even worry about coordinating with insurance? I sat down in the waiting room while the laboratory receptionist made a number of phone calls about my situation. Then, I felt little kicks in my tummy and I was reminded.

I was reminded why I am doing this. I’ve researched what birth entails and why being at the birth center is the best environment for me and my baby. I’m pursuing co-managed care to make my ideal birth more affordable for my family. Phone calls and waiting are little bumps in the road. And those sweet kicks and wiggles reminded me of that.

I took a deep breathe as my name was finally called for a 2 minute blood draw. On my way out I thanked the receptionist for her clarification efforts upon my arrival. Everything is going to be alright. And, one of these days … perhaps insurance companies will realize that alternative care isn’t crazy care. It’s a low-cost option for low-risk mamas and babies. Definitely something to be considered for their bottom line and the wellness of the families they strive to serve.

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