Grow, Jemma, Grow!

Yesterday morning we packed up and drove to visit Dr. Kevin for Jemma’s first pediatrician appointment. Dr. Kevin is only a few minutes from our house and being the smarty that Mama is, we had one of the first appointments (to avoid sick children and lines).

Daddy and J ready to head in

 Dr. Kevin’s office was implementing a new computer system so our check-in took a bit longer than usual, but the office gals were super nice. Dominic and I tag-teamed check-in since Jemma felt the need to nurse shortly after we arrived. So, I whipped out my nursing cover and had my second public feeding (first time was at Applebee’s … which is very difficult when crammed into a booth … note to self, ask to be seated at a table with chairs). 
We were most anxious to see how much Jemma had grown. This girl can eat and I just knew she would be over 10 pounds. After undressing her we discovered …

10 lbs, 6 oz. 
Birth – 8 lbs., 10 oz.
22 3/4 in. 
Birth – 21 1/4 in.
Mama and J before her PKU prick

I didn’t have very many questions for Dr. Kevin. Things seem to be plugging along quite well. He was super impressed with her growth (100th percentile for weight and height … they determine this by comparing her stats to 100 other girls born on October 2nd). He attributed this to our breastfeeding relationship. I asked about her belly button … the cutest outie you have ever seen … because it still has a little stink from her umbilical cord falling off. He said it was totally normal and to not disrupt it because soft tissue was still healing inside. I also asked about her legs. Baby legs are kind of bowed and being the crazy mom that I am I wanted to make sure it was normal and that she wouldn’t have trouble when she started walking. We also got a prescription for Vitamin D drops since that is the only vitamin breastmilk is missing. 
We’ll be back at 2 months for another check-up. Crossing our fingers we won’t need a visit between now and then!

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    Grow Jemma grow! You're a great team! I know that you are a wonderful mom. It is very important to feel comfortable at your pediatrician's office. Our goal is to only go in for well checks too!