Week 36 & 37 Appointments

Ah, yes. The joy of weekly appointments. You know what that means?

Baby will be here sooner rather than later :)
No real news to report. Still growing (both baby and I). Blood pressure, pulse, baby’s heartbeat and placement (left occiput anterior to be exact) all look good.
Left Occiput Anterior Position
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Only tragedy was that my blood work came back low in iron. Yep, I’m officially anemic. To remedy this, I am taking an iron supplement called Floradex. It is from Whole Foods and is expensive at $32.99, but apparently it is supposed to do that trick. That and a few more burgers (AKA red meat) and spinach salads these next few weeks. I’m also adding blackstrap molasses into some of my smoothies! Between hunger and having to be strategic about my nutrition I swear I think about food 24/7.

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  1. says

    get some chlorophyll from the health food store. you can get it in liquid form and it's got a ton of iron- you can add it to your smoothies and won't even notice it. and uhh watch the lesser fun side effects of iron and your digestive system. lots of water :)

  2. says

    Girl!! I am anemic too. I found out at my 28 week appointment. I am taking a supplement called SlowFE recommended by my doctor. It's way less then the whole foods brand. Looking back on my pregnancy I noticed that I really haven't craved much meat of any type…including red meat. It makes sense I am iron deficient, but it should go back to normal after the baby. Hang in there.