Vaccines, Part 1: Seminar and Perspectives of Approach

Part of becoming a parent is being blasted with information. Imagine Midwest hail storm – golf ball size hail. That’s how it feels. I am literally darting for cover on a daily basis. Most of this is probably from my current ability to become extremely overwhelmed (thank you pregnancy hormones); other bit probably comes from […]

25(ish) Week Appointment

So, this is a week late which means I might not remember much, but hey … I’m doing my best to keep up with this whole pregnancy journal thing :)Last Monday was our 25(ish) week appointment at Andaluz. We met with Lucina and her apprentice, Lindsey who will both be attending our birth. Lucina is […]

22 Week Appointment

Time is flying by … before I know it, it will be Thanksgiving and I’ll have a little bundle tied to me all the time! Won’t that be something to be thankful for :)On Monday we trekked to Tualatin for our monthly midwife appointment. It takes a good 40 minutes to get there, but we […]

18 week appointment – check!

I met with Lucina yesterday for my monthly appointment. It went smooth as butter … baby is growing, I’m healthy, and we’re gearing up for the next milestone – OUR ULTRASOUND! Highlights of my appointment: I was scolded for wearing such high heels … they were just wedges, but I was encouraged to make the […]

I See

My vision insurance has renewed and I’m now on the hunt for the perfect pair of glasses. I’ve decided to go with glasses instead of my normal contact, because with a baby I figure I’m going to be up at night and napping during the day. That’s my pre-mama thought at least. Plus, I get […]


We met our secondary midwife, Adele, at our appointment this week. She is a real sweetheart and totally has the “mom” vibe. I am absolutely thrilled with our birth team … they are so experienced and make me feel very relaxed with all the unknowns of birth. Adele Rose has been attending births since 1977. […]

Appointment Dos

I have never been so excited for a Monday! All weekend I’ve been trying my hardest to enjoy my days off, but the anticipation of hearing the heartbeat again kept me wishing for my Monday alarm.Sometimes I still question if there is a baby in there. It’s hard to connect when I haven’t been very […]