Sunday Confessional V.10

91. Years ago I planned to name my daughter Chrysanthemum – I thought it was the most unique flower name ever. 92. I used to always set my school alarm for 6:11 am, the same time I was born. 93. Dominic and I rarely use each others’ names. He calls me “Bug” and I call […]

Sunday Confessional V.9

Ok … 20 left! Here’s to hopin’ I can think of 20 unique/interesting things to share. I’m running out of ideas! 81. My biggest pet peeve is when drivers don’t pull over for emergency vehicles! I’m always thinking … what if that was you in that ambulance, or they were rushing to your mom, or […]

Sunday Confessional V.8

71. Boots and sandals are my favorites shoes. Everything else is … meh. 72. We placed an offer on a piece of property this week! AH! Praying everything goes smooth and we can start building soon! 73. Before I had Jemma I thought alot about getting my Ph.D. in Strategic Leadership. Now, more school is […]

Sunday Confessional V.7

61. Did you notice that I changed my sponsor’s buttons on the right into 2 columns? Yeah, that took some html work and I’m so happy that I figured it out on my own. I’ll share a tutorial soon! 62. In college I donated platelets for money. It’s a legit thing in Oregon and I […]

Sunday Confessional V.6

My Sunday confessions totally fell by the wayside, meh. I’m going to try and finish them up, although it is really hard to think of 100 things and don’t smite me if you catch doubles :) 51. I’m a fast food hater. Well, except for Burgerville, which I don’t really consider fast food and Taco […]

Sunday Confessional V.5

41. I’ve recently started collecting vintage pillowcases – I have some of the most BEE-utiful patterns and can’t wait to build a reading pit full of pillows for my children and I to enjoy. Source: via April on Pinterest 42. I know your kids aren’t supposed to be your best friend, but Jemma is […]

Sunday Confessional V.4

31. In college I donated platelets. It’s like a long version of donating blood, but you get paid for it because platelets are “x” times more useful than regular blood. It would take almost 2 hours so I would work on homework while I donated and then collect my $20 (sometimes more if they had […]

Sunday Confessional V.3

21. Dominic and I bicker about TV shows often. To resolve them we have instigated “us shows” meaning a show that we can both enjoy/tolerate. There are few shows in the “us” category. You see, Dominic prefers anything reality – ANYTHING, even the housewives crap. I prefer all things drama – Lost, Pan Am, Grey’s […]

Sunday Confessional V.2

Oops, missed a week of Sunday Confessional. Consistency is not my strong point, meh. 11. I’m so happy I didn’t chop my hair off after Jemma was born. Having it long has been the ultimate hair-do. I can style it down, knot it on my head, and not wash it for days. It’s pretty fabulously […]

Sunday Confessional V.1

I’m joining the awesome Deanna in her Sunday Confessional series, hope you enjoy! 1. For my 7th birthday all I wanted was a perm … and that’s what I got! I’m going to try and hunt down a picture for ya’ll. If I find one I’ll post it next week :) 2. In college I […]