Sunday Confessional V.10

91. Years ago I planned to name my daughter Chrysanthemum – I thought it was the most unique flower name ever.

92. I used to always set my school alarm for 6:11 am, the same time I was born.

93. Dominic and I rarely use each others’ names. He calls me “Bug” and I call him “Bear”.

94. Favorite flowers include: lilacs, daffodils, lilies, and hydrangeas.

95. One of my dear friends is moving to Hawaii some time in 2013, we’re already scheming a vacation and I seriously can’t wait! I’ve only been to Hawaii once (Oahu) when I was 11 and it rained half the time we were there :( My favorite spot was the Polynesian Cultural Center and I loved getting one of those colorful floss hair twist things.

96. Both of my parents are hard core tea drinkers. My Dad drinks green and black and my Mom is all about black (her favorite being Mighty Leaf’s Vanilla Bean, but normally it is just Lipton). I’ve never liked real tea, chai is the closest I get. There is something so sweet about being a tea drinker and I wish I was!

97. I’m probably the least athletic person you know, but somehow … magically, I made varsity volleyball in high school. Granted, it was a tiny high school of a little over 100 students, but there was a full JV team so I must have been able to do something. Dominic cracks up every time he thinks about me playing volleyball, because I might have used my varsity status to impress him before we started dating. So much so that he asked me to be on his intramural team. Then he saw me play, we started dating, and then he sweetly asked if I wanted to sit the rest of the season out.

98.When I get the hiccups I feel like I’m going to die. They are super violent and painful. Awful, just awful.

99. I was a Girl Scout for most of elementary school. I loved selling Girl Scout cookies and earning patches. Every year I would call everyone on my order form and tell them what they ordered last year, what the new cookies were, and I’d ask if they’d like to double their order :) Camp was also a highlight – especially the song … black socks they never get dirty, the longer you wear them the blacker they get, some day I think I might wash them but something is telling me don’t wash them yet. Not yet, not yet, not yet …

100. During the beanie baby craze my mom, best friend, and I spent the night in our car waiting for a batch of new releases … twice.

Sunday Confessional is over! Woohoo … 100 secrets/facts/confessions isn’t easy to come up with! If you join in, let me know so I can follow along!

For something new and fresh, I’m thinking I might open up the floor to questions you might have. Maybe I’ll even try vlogging my answers like the awesome Deanna! So, send me your questions via the comments or email ( and I’ll vlog ’em up when I get a few :)

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