2 Months

Milestone sticker courtesy of Sticky Bellies I wonder if I’ll ever stop saying, “Where has the time gone?” Miss Jemma is a lovely 2 month old today. I never imagined loving motherhood so much. Each day brings more surprises; always leaving me wanting more. Just yesterday she looked straight at me and gave the biggest […]

Reflections of Motherhood

My dear blog friend, Nessa, sent me the link to this YouTube video. Such encouragement to have arrive in my inbox just a few weeks before I become a mom to an out-of-womb baby. Thank you, Nessa! Help us reach the first page on … it only takes 2 clicks and you can vote once […]

Doctor, where are you?

Here’s a little vent on finding a pediatrician …Call me picky, but I really want someone we connect with. I want someone who is interested in my ideas about parenting (delayed vaccines, babywearing, co-sleeping, breastfeeding,etc.). I would like someone who helps to educate me rather than strictly sharing their opinion. I NEED someone who is […]

Attachment Parenting

It’s hard to know what our parenting style will be like after baby is born. I’m sure it will develop some quirks of its own and be very unique to us and our family. But, in the meantime, I’m beginning to think we’ll follow something close to the Attachment Parenting model.Attachment Parenting can most easily […]