Black & White

I love the contrasting artwork by Wee Gallery and intend to use one of their freebies in a picture book I’m making for Jemma. It’s amazing to me how she focuses on things already and I’m hoping pictures such as these will even further entertain her little eyes. I found each of these articles quite […]

Reflections of Motherhood

My dear blog friend, Nessa, sent me the link to this YouTube video. Such encouragement to have arrive in my inbox just a few weeks before I become a mom to an out-of-womb baby. Thank you, Nessa! Help us reach the first page on … it only takes 2 clicks and you can vote once […]

Attachment Parenting

It’s hard to know what our parenting style will be like after baby is born. I’m sure it will develop some quirks of its own and be very unique to us and our family. But, in the meantime, I’m beginning to think we’ll follow something close to the Attachment Parenting model.Attachment Parenting can most easily […]