2 Months

Milestone sticker courtesy of Sticky Bellies

I wonder if I’ll ever stop saying, “Where has the time gone?”

Miss Jemma is a lovely 2 month old today. I never imagined loving motherhood so much. Each day brings more surprises; always leaving me wanting more. Just yesterday she looked straight at me and gave the biggest grin. We are connecting each moment we spend together and it is amazing for me to see in her eyes and know that she knows I am her mama.
This past month Jemma gave us her first smile, giggle and coo. They aren’t frequent yet, but when they appear Dominic and I scream like we are going to Disneyland. Such small things make our world go round. My favorite small thing is how she clutches her little hand when she is sleeping – freakin’ adorable. I also love her big eyes staring at me when we nurse. It’s like she is saying, “Thanks ma for this yummy milk, I love it!”
Jemma met her 2 1/2 cousins for the first time over Thanksgiving – Karrington from Texas and Bishop and his brother-to-be (due in April) from California. I’m so glad she has little friends to grow up with! Other firsts included her first craft show, trip to my home church and sewing day – she pretty much bops around with me wherever I go.

Can’t get enough of these cheeks!
Our routine has morphed into a pretty steady pattern … Jemma falls asleep between 9-11 pm and wakes around 5-6 am for a snickety snack. I pull her into bed from our Arm’s Reach Co-Sleeper (best invention EVER)  and nurse her until 8 or 9 am. Then we’re up for the day! She loves to be in my arms, second to that is in my lap. She will tolerate the bouncer while I’m in the shower and on occasion she enjoys her swing, but nothing compares to being in someone’s arms – good thing we got the bouncer/swing combo second-hand. We dance around, nap, walk to the mailbox, prepare dinner for Daddy and on a good day we venture out on an errand or two. We have started reading books and we are working on enjoying tummy time. Jemma still loves looking at lights; if I lay her down under the skylight I can fold a whole load of laundry!
On the mothering front, I just finished reading Attachment Parenting: Instinctive Care for your Baby and Young Child. Hands down the best book I have read since finding out I was pregnant. For nine months I read all about pregnancy and labor, but that doesn’t last long compared to parenting. So now I’m filling my reading list with all things mothering for this is my new passion in life. Back to AP, it’s a great book! Lots of info on breastfeeding, babywearing and cosleeping which are all things Dominic and I are embracing as parents. Next up: Three in a Bed.
I am sure this next month will bring more surprises than I can handle. Miss Jemma has her 2 month appointment on Monday and I’m betting she has hit the 14 pound mark. I’ll be back with her statistics then!
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