During the week Jem and I spend a fair amount of time of the couch. We nurse. We cuddle. We match movies. Sometimes when she drifts off to sleep I fly around the house cleaning up and working on other projects. Sometimes I sink further into the couch and take a nap myself. Sometimes we take pictures in Photo Booth to document the excitement.
I am not a homebody by any means. I live to go out and explore. But something about having a baby makes home the best place to be. Errands are such a production. It takes hundreds of items to be fully prepared. I have to time her meals just right or risk an in-action feeding (Nordstrom is my favorite place for this since they have a Mother’s Lounge). If I’m really lucky I can time her meal and nap just right. Then I’ve got an hour or two of peaceful driving/shopping. Most days (like today) it just isn’t worth it. Out of milk? Oh well, we’ll make eggs and toast for breakfast. Missing flour for my cookies? Improvise with Bisquick. Need to visit the post office? Invite Dominic home for lunch and ask him to stop by on his way back to work. Innovation is my middle name. 
P.S. Why doesn’t the post office have a drive thru option? Starbuck’s, Panda Express and various pharmacies do. The post office should. As should the dry cleaners. Just my two cents.
P.S.S. I caved and gave Jemma a pacifier. Have I started an awful habit?
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  1. says

    I love this post. :)PS- I have to admit, giving my son a pacifier is what saved my sanity when he was tiny. He'll be two in January and still uses it at night, which I don't mind so much. We'll work on breaking the binkie habit once he's potty trained (soon!).

  2. says

    Re: The pacifier…no, you didn't start a bad habit. My children both had/have pacifiers and my oldest just naturally gave it up when she discovered she could put her thumb in her mouth. A number of the kids in my Mom's group had pacifiers and they all gave them up before their first birthdays. Yes, some kids do have problems giving them up, but I think they are the exception, not the rule.

  3. says

    Remember YOU are the parent. What you decide for you child is always best not what people tell you you should or shouldn't do. Bishop had a pacifier when he slept and then one day, he was maybe 8 months, I thought I would just not give it to him. He didn't even care and hasn't had one since. Yeah for me as a do a small victory dance BUT, he still asks for a small bottle before he goes to sleep on the weekends before nap and bedtime. Shoot I guess I am not that textbook perfect parent. HA! Oh well. There was sure to be something I did that will lead him into therapy.

  4. says

    I agree with you on the post office…a drive up window would be wonderful.I think paciiers are ok…"they" actually say that it reduces the risk of SIDS. and sometimes…it helps with our sanity too :)

  5. Kelly says

    if you're mailing boxes (I always use the USPS flat rate boxes) you can buy the new UPS ones with pre-paid postage, fill them with whatever you like, then call UPS and they'll come get them at your house! Even better than a drive thru!

  6. says

    Do I have a great deal for you…we have drive up windows at our dry cleaners. They even put it in the car for you. Pretty awesome! I haven't heard of any drive through post offices though that would be wonderful. As for the pacifier, Karrington handed hers over at 10 months. She decided that she was done and I did a little celebration dance. I don't think it is bad and it definitely offers a little relief to tired mommies.

  7. says

    decisions about pacifiers is the small stuff – if Jemma is loved, happy and content in her environment with mommy and daddy – that is what matters, pacifier or not!

  8. says

    No! Pacifier saved my life! And the good news was that one day I decided I wanted to wean him of both pacifier and bottle at the same time (at his one year mark) and he gave them both up cold turkey! I agree with the above commenter, I think kids who have a hard time giving them up are the exception not the rule. <3 best of luck, and keep the pacifier, it's a life saver!!!