My Mothering Type

All my life I have loved learning about different personality types and other things that make people the way they are (birth order, upbringing, etc.). Here you can take a quiz to find out what your mothering personality is! So interesting!!! I found out that I’m an ENTJ or Executive Mother …Competent and confident in […]

Monday Blues

You know those weeks you where you start at zero? That’s me. I feel empty, just like my gas tank. Sad. I’m trying to accomplish alot this week. Too much I’m sure. We’ve been away from home the last two weekends and are gone again this coming weekend so I’ve got to fit things in […]

Putting Tears in Perspective


In our society, children, even babies, are viewed with suspicion. Rather than trusting that their cries signal a need, we are told that they are manipulating us. Liefloff continues, saying that “Babies have, indeed, become a sort of enemy to be vanquished by the mother. Crying must be ignored so as to show the baby […]

P.S. Birth Story Extras


As I mentioned, my birth experience wasn’t what I planned. I had hoped for a calm waterbirth at our birthing center. Instead, Jemma was born under glaring lights in a stark white hospital room. Of course, what’s most important is we were both safe throughout our 3 days of labor. But still, I mourn a […]