4 Months

Milestone stickers c/o Sticky Bellies
 What a big girl we have! 

Jemma had her 4 month appointment on Monday and turned 4 months old on Wednesday. She is our greatest joy and we fall in love with her sweet personality more and more each day. She loves to have babbling conversations which are peppered with adorable smiles and giggles. When she’s tired she nuzzles her head into my shoulder and I just melt. She grabs everything with her drool covered hands – toys, burp clothes, my hair :) and is still nursing like a champ.

See that crazy drool?

She wakes up each morning between 7-8 am and we lounge in bed for awhile. Once we’re up she hangs out in her bouncer and chats with the forest friends that dangle from it – a hedgehog, squirrel and owl. She is really good a grabbing then and holding them while telling them all about her plans for the day. After she has been up for 1 1/2-2 hours she is ready for a snack and nap. She snoozes for an hour or two ad then our day officially begins! By mid-afternoon she is ready to eat and snuggles up for her long nap – 4 hours or so. When Daddy gets home from work we sit at the table, Jem in her high chair, and enjoy our dinner. Then we play, read books and prepare for bed. She nurses to sleep by 9 or so. Lately she’s been waking up more at night, but she is easily calmed with a snack. Her stirring doesn’t wake Daddy and I’m able to quickly fall back asleep. I don’t get a full night’s rest … ever … but, what mom does?

Miss J LOVES to sit … a whole new perspective of the world
That’s my sweetness :)
These baby feet are stinkin’ adorable!

This months highlights include … trying out her high chair (a big success), getting to know her nanny while we went on a few dates, practicing sitting (mostly with support, but sometimes by herself for a few seconds), transitioning to a sippy cup (bottles are still the enemy) and meeting some baby friends at our church small group and La Leche League meetings.  

The biggest highlights are her new stats … she’s off the charts and healthy as can be!
20 pounds, 9 ounces
27 1/4 inches long
Oh my word – I’m such a big, healthy girl!
Mama’s milk just makes me so happy :)

Jemma loves snuggling, taking baths, having her bum patted, reading books, tummy time/rolling practice, holding her mermaid, going on walks, sitting up, being tickled and feeling wind from the fan or me blowing in her face. Lately she’s become really sensitive to loud or sharp noises and strangers. She gets such a startled/scared face and her little lip pops out, so sad in such a cute way.

I’ll be 5 months before you know it, but don’t tell my mama … she’ll freak out

This next month we are up for big transitions since I’m heading back to work on Monday. Thank the Lord we are friends with the sippy! I’ll be working 4 10’s, so Jem will be with her nanny during the day, visiting me to nurse during lunch, and a few hours with her Daddy in the evening. I have a feeling I’ll be doing lots of nursing at night.

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  1. says

    What sippy cup works for you? We are having the same problem with the bottle!

  2. says

    baby feet are so cute! can't wait to see our third set in a few weeks! love your blog! :D

  3. says

    I got a Tommy Tippee transition sippy cup from Babies R Us. It said it is good for 4+ months age. I still hold it for her, but it's working well.

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