12 Months

Yes, I realize that 12 months is the same as 1 year, but 12 months puts me at ease. And, well, 1 year makes me want to panic. Do any of you mamas feel this way? Don’t blame me down the road if I’m all, “This is my daughter, Jemma, and she is 62 months.” […]

October 9th

It’s Gretchen popping in :) I’m scheduling this post ahead of time because I just have to share what I was doing 1 year ago … SNUGGLING MY NEWBORN BABY! Jemma’s guess date was October 9th and I was beyond surprised when she was born a week earlier. We snuggled alot in those early days […]

Pack Attack

Oh Lordy – my girl turned 1 on Sunday. I can’t quite put into words all the emotion this milestone brings. I’m in awe of all she has done.How much she has grown.How much she loves. She is the most precious girl and the perfect fit for our family. Jemma dear, you are loved more […]

Finding a Routine

The last few nights I’ve been up until midnight … right now, 11:27. Even though I promised Dominic I would head to bed by 11. You see, being home with Jemma is perfect. All except for the few moments peace that every mother needs – that’s nonexistent. Unless it happens late. When I should be […]

11 Months

Broken record here … Where has the time gone? It seems like just yesterday you had no hair and were learning to sit up. Now you’ve got the craziest locks and not only do you sit, but you crawl, stand, and wiggle everywhere! Every month becomes my favorite as you explore new things. Watching the […]

XOXO to my Special Girl

Hey there Lovie! Happy 11 month birthday to you!!! You are growing so very healthy … 25 1/2 pounds and 30 1/2 inches at your appointment last month. As your size grows, so does your heart and personality. I can hardly believe we are on the cusp of your 1st birthday and even more, I […]

10 Months

My Dear Jemma, Could it really already be your 10 month birthday? I guess the stickers don’t lie … you’ve reached double digits girlie! In the last month you have learned so much – you wave at your friends, read books like they are going out of style, and have become very aware of where […]

Smiling Big

I know I’ve been going on and on about Jemma’s teeth. But between the rough bedtimes, interrupted nights and pitiful moans of a hurting girlie I can’t help but show off how her teeth are progressing. They are peeking out more and more each day and now that the pain is gone she loves smiling […]

Like a Bunny

It’s not always glamorous to cut two teeth at once,  but we sure try! Poor Jemma has had quite the bout of teething pain this last week. This has equated to less than restful nights and all the drama a sweet girl can create without becoming a complete terror. She wants her mama, she NEEDS […]

9 months

My dear Jemma turned 9 months old on July 2nd. And – my oh my – I’m completely head over heels in love with this little darling. I’ll apologize now for the swarm of pictures to follow. It’s really hard to pick a few favorites when she is so busy with her expressions and movement. […]