8 Months

My Little Lovie … You have blossomed this month! Your personality is captivating and your movement is endless. You laugh, smile, wiggle and on your 8 month birthday eve you started to … CRAWL! Ah! It’s hard to look back at the last month and summarize I’ll you’ve done – its been very busy, just […]

7 Months

Oh, darling girl … could you be any more precious? We took these pictures last weekend right before your bedtime. You light up for the camera and know just what to do :) Big smiles, silly faces and lots of personality! As soon as we walked inside you melted in tired tears and we snuggled […]

Sweet Jemma, 6 Months

My little one has turned 6 months old. And, you guessed it, I CAN HARDLY BELIEVE IT! I have so many pictures to post of her 6 month adventures, but for now you can relish in our monthly photo shoot compliments of Sticky Bellies! … JEMMA LOVES … Feeling the wind in her face, playing with her […]

Avocados are Awesome

Saturday is the big day! Jemma turns 6 months old and we’re celebrating with her first taste of food … a little bit of avocado. Jemma is still primarily nursing, but each week I plan to introduce a new food. We’re also going to start learning a new sign each week. I haven’t decided on […]

Monday Blues

You know those weeks you where you start at zero? That’s me. I feel empty, just like my gas tank. Sad. I’m trying to accomplish alot this week. Too much I’m sure. We’ve been away from home the last two weekends and are gone again this coming weekend so I’ve got to fit things in […]

For Such a Time as This

For Jemma’s dedication we chose a special verse for her. We thought it would be a sweet gift from us. Something she could memorize when she grows older. Something she can tuck away in her heart and to remember the special day we dedicated our family to the Lord. We chose Esther 4:14 … For […]

5 Months of Special Moments

I’m guessing no one wants another post about  how Jemma is growing up so fast and how I can hardly believe where the last 5 months has gone. Right? . So, instead, I’m going to share 5 special moments from the last 5 months. It seems a fitting thing to do since we are celebrating […]

Family Dedication

Today we participated in our church’s parent/child dedication. It was a wonderful time to publicly share our commitment to raise Jemma in a Christian home and dedicate her to the Lord. Such a meaningful time for our little family! Thanks to our family and friends who were there to support us!