Style File | America Online, What?!?

I’m a contributor over at What to Expect and on Thursday a post I wrote was highlighted on AOL. That’s right –! Here’s the proof :) Ooo, squishy baby Max making his big time internet debut! With a grumpy Jemma apparently :) You can read the post here: My Best Kept Secret About What […]

Simplifying With Baby #2

Sometimes I wonder what all I’ll learn when baby number three comes around. Because between one and two I learned so much! I haven’t necessarily parented differently, but if I had to sum it up, I’d say I’ve parented simpler. For example, when Max was born, I left our baby bath in storage. Although I […]

The Thankful List

source In my dreams, this is my Thanksgiving centerpiece. In reality we’ve got so much food filling the table, there is no place for a pumpkin display … and that deserves ample thanks! And a few more noteworthy thanks for today. This barely chips the iceberg. This mama has so much to be thankful for! […]


Baby Jemma flashback! And look at those heels I used to wear to work on the daily! Learning /// about essential oils. So. much. to. learn. Growing /// a bit of courage to share a photo or two from my Beauty Revealed Project photo shoot. Have you liked this page on Facebook yet? It’s such […]

Birthday Wish List

October is birthday month around here. Which means preparation begins in September. Specifically September 9th (the day after my sister’s birthday).  You see, growing up I wasn’t allowed to discuss my birthday until after Katie’s birthday ended. Seems like a good parenting plan. Totally giving my mom a high five. Although, back then I didn’t […]

Tag, You’re It!

Lindsy over at LMR Photos started a fun game of tag last week … I thought I’d join in! If you want to keep it going here’s what you do … Answer the second set of questions on your blog and at the bottom, dream up a set of 10 new questions. Make sense? Comment […]