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Is It Possible …

… that I could have a little boy this spunky, troublesome, and SO DARN CUTE?!?!?! If he is anything like his dad, I’ve sure have an adventure ahead of me!


We met our secondary midwife, Adele, at our appointment this week. She is a real sweetheart and totally has the “mom” vibe. I am absolutely thrilled with our birth team … they are so experienced and make me feel very relaxed with all the unknowns of birth. Adele Rose has been attending births since 1977. […]

Flip-o-rama: More on the Flip Diaper System

I’m enamored with my diaper selection and can’t wait to stock the nursery with an abundance of them. When I close my eyes I see an adorable changing table with baskets of diapers underneath in bright, bold colors and for a brief moment I wish I had a very stinky baby who needed changing :) […]

Today could be a meltdown day

They are becoming fewer and far between, but those certain days at work that fluster your feathers accompanied by life’s drama tend to tip me off the edge … towards a meltdown. Then I get an awesome reminder of why I need to stop, breathe, and be still in His presence (sent directly to my […]

House Husband

Today at work I got this photo text and caption from Dominic … I’m the best dish-doing, kitchen-cleaning, box-building house husband in all the land. And let me tell you … IT IS TRUE! He has been doing laundry, cleaning, cooking, looking for a job and new house, completing the “Honey-Do List”, and assembling 21,000 […]