Why do Mondays have to have such an awful Monday feeling?

You know those days that totally suck. Mondays are pretty frequently those days for me. I think it is a combination of weekend withdrawls and lack of motivation for anything work related.

Weekends are great. No one tells you what to do. You can sleep whenever you want. You plan your own schedule. I am a fan of weekends to say the least. Plus, my weekends are usually massively productive. Take this weekend for example … Costco, grocery store, prep for BBQ, host BBQ, wrap Dom’s birthday presents, pack for the impending move, go to the movies, eat out, catch up on Grey’s Anatomy (while lounging in bed), read, blog, organize coupons, create wedding album on Shutterfly (yep, I’m working away on my before-baby to-do list), chill/shop/eat downtown with ma and sisters, visit Nordstrom Rack, score on bermuda shorts at said Rack, and sleep, sleep, sleep. See, I’m telling you … weekends rock. Which is why I miss them, look forward to the next one, and dread Mondays.
When you have a little baby kicking you on the inside it is hard to think about work stuff. On the other hand, it is quite easy to drift into dreamland and say, start planning a nursery … Which leads to a snack break. Which is accompanied by water. Which leads to a bathroom break. Which leads to a Google search about the nursery I saw in dreamland. Then I fit in a few phone calls to reduce my level of guilt for visiting dreamland while at work. Then someone on the phone starts telling me about their kids. Which makes me think about my kid (how can I forget when it is kicking me and I have an awesome ultrasound photo as my phone screensaver) … and the cycle begins again.

Today in dreamland I started thinking through my list of “what to buy for my birth center bag”. I have this awesome headband from Lululemon Athletica that is white and has a fabulous flower pattern. Since it is mostly white, I have decided to get a second one solely for my waterbirth. (I’m a little concerned about birth liquids ruining my fave white one). I’m pretty convinced this will be a birth center bag staple because, seriously, who wants bangs in their eyes while birthing? This headband is going to be my savior.
I’m pretty sure my next visit to dreamland will have something to do with my upcoming weekend. Or, in the very least … Tuesday. Since Tuesdays are rarely as bad as Mondays.
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    Recommendation for your birth center bag. Don't take any favorite clothes – you may end up tossing them because of…well all sorts of liquid stains. I bought a cozy, soft, non-heavy robe at target – cheap along with a cotton night shirt that had buttons down the front – again cheap at target. I was lucky and ended up coming home with all my clothing gear but you just never know what might fall in the goo.

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    I vividly remember my lust for the weekends, yours sound like so much fun!I sure do miss weekends like that… it all comes to an end when baby arrives, especially the sleeping-in! ;)