24 + 25 Weeks

25 weeks

How far along: 25 weeks, 2 days Gender: A little man, and I think we’ve narrowed down a very top name pick! Jemma has owned it so much that she is announcing it to everyone … our grocery checker, Awanas leader, midwife. Weight gain: I gained 7 pounds in the last month :/ I’m blaming the Costco box of Lucky […]

Style File /// Bead For Life

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Scarf – gift /// Bracelet – c/o BeadforLife /// Tank – Target /// Leggings – Nordstrom /// Cardigan – Nordstrom /// Shoes – Tieks I’ve never been pregnant in the Fall or Winter. Jemma was an October baby; and it was warm up until her birth day. Max is my August man, so again, hot. […]

22 + 23 Weeks

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How far along: 23 weeks, 1 day Gender: Baby boy on the horizon! Weight gain: Plus 10 pounds. Maybe more seeing that I just bought Lucky Charms in bulk at Costco. Sleep: Good. I’ve been staying up later and napping during the day and it seems to be a good balance. Best moment this week: Nesting has moved in early and […]

20 + 21 Weeks

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How far along: 21 weeks, 4 days Gender: It’s a boy! I have officially guessed wrong with every child! Weight gain: Plus 10 pounds. Works for me. Sleep: I finally got consistent with taking my mag calm and it’s doin’ wonders for me in the sleep department. Best moment this week: A healthy as pie ultrasound! So relieved to hear […]

Style File — Bump Official

pink blush 7

There is something about reaching the 20 week mark in pregnancy that feels exhilarating. Tiring too, but mostly I have this overarching joy surrounding the sweet baby growing inside of me. With 20 weeks brings a noticeable bump and therefore, more “Congratulations!” and less “Are you pregnant?” comments. Even better, I feel daily kicks from this sweet […]

Baby #3 Gender Predictions

gender predictions

We didn’t find out what we were having when I was pregnant with Jemma. I honestly don’t know  how I kept myself from finding out! With Max, we were in the middle of moving so we found out he was a boy so I would know if I needed to take Jemma’s baby clothes to […]

18 + 19 Weeks

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How far along: Almost 19 weeks Gender guess: I just finished up a post all about gender predictions and based on those things are bending towards girl. Weight gain: 148 pounds at my last appointment. I think I started in the 140-145 range.  Sleep: If I sleep alone I definitely sleep better than if Dom or Max are with […]

Where I’ve Been

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This week I scrolled through my recent posts to recall what I’ve covered here on the blog and found it so lacking :/ I used to share some pretty awesome posts if I do say so myself and the last few months have been random Style Files, recipes and pregnancy updates. Kind of lame if […]

16 + 17 Weeks

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Necklace c/o Emerald Cuff … stay tuned for a whole Style File with them, you Stitch Fixers will love it and you can save $10 off your first order here. How far along: 17 weeks Gender guess: I carried high with Jem, low with Max. This photo looks high to me, so … girl? Weight gain: I […]