29 + 30 Weeks

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How far along: 30 weeks, 1 day

Gender: A very active little boy

Weight gain: Plus 20 pounds so far. 

Sleep: Lame. But isn’t it always when your belly is this big and you have to wake up to roll over. I adore my naps more than every now. Probably the best two hours of sleep I get all day.

Best moment this week: Having life calm down. We’ve been go go go for so many weeks it has been so nice to just be home doing regular life. Oh, and Max happily went potty this week! I had resigned myself to having two in diapers and now I’m not so sure, he was so freaking proud of his potty efforts. Of course, I was too! We’ll see how/if he progresses.

Worst moment this week: I’m a master at growing labor anxiety in my heart. The worries are starting and I need to get on the ball with overcoming them.

Miss anything: Some of my favorite Fall clothes do not fit over this big baby bump :( Thankfully, my ankles haven’t swollen one bit and all my boots still fit!

Movement: Baby is head down and high. He can practically kick my low lying mom boobs, lol!

Cravings: I crave anything that someone else cooks for me. I’m on a kitchen strike.

Looking forward to: My baby shower, or as Jemma calls it, her baby shower. And Dominic and I just finalized our babymoon details!

What Jemma thinks: Crying as I leave to get some writing done at Panera, “I just really want you to stay so I can snuggle my baby!!!”

What Max thinks: He often asks, “When dat baby being born?” I tell him around Christmas and he growls and says, “Uh! Cwistmas time is soooooooo far!”

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