Reid’s Maternity Photos

reid maternity 1

Of all the sessions I’ve done with Christine, this might be my very favorite. Yes, I think it actually is. She finalized over 50 photos of me and my littles and I just love the simplicity and joy in each one of them! Today, I’m spoiling you with a peek at my top 10! If […]

The Birth Story of Reid Rainier

reid's birth story feature 700x400

As with many wonderful stories, Reid’s birth story begins the day before his actual birth day. On December 31st, the final day of 2015 I had finally resided myself to the fact that I would NOT be having a baby in 2015. Sigh. With a due date of December 28th I always knew there was […]

Welcome Reid Rainier

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My last post, Lessons From the Womb, must have stirred up birth vibes because contractions started rolling in shortly after I went to bed on New Year’s Eve! As always, I didn’t really believe labor could actually be starting. But start it did. By later afternoon on January 1st my amazing son, Reid Rainier was in […]

40 Weeks

40 weeks bw

How far along: 40 weeks, 0 days — also known as: I HAVE NEVER BEEN PREGNANT THIS LONG BEFORE. Gender: A patient boy :) Weight gain: Scale batteries are dead. I don’t care a smash since I’m living in LulaRoe leggings and those babies have s-t-r-e-t-c-h! Sleep: Is this really a question? My naps are definitely the best sleep […]

39 Weeks

39 weeks

Ready to guess baby’s birthday and stats? —> ENTER HERE <— How far along: 39 weeks, 0 days Gender: Boy! And honestly, I’m to the point that if we are blessed with a 4th baby someday, I will probably hope for a boy again. Little boys love their mamas like no other and I can just see our family […]

The Art of Belly Mapping + Belly Painting

belly mapping final

In addition to maternity photos, I wanted to commemorate this pregnancy with belly mapping and then, belly painting. I think I first ran across the idea on Spinning Babies and it struck me as such a beautiful visual of what’s going on inside.  Most of the belly painting examples I ran across were simple quadrant sketches. […]

37 + 38 Weeks

38 weeks

 Ready to guess baby’s birthday and stats? —> ENTER HERE <— How far along: 38 weeks, 0 days Gender: A little man. Who is oh so loved. Weight gain: Who cares anymore, it’s eggnog season! Sleep: Restless, but manageable. Jemma and Max are both sensing things changing big time so I’ve had a snuggle buddy most nights too. Best […]

Will December Be Baby Month?

36 weeks, 3 days

With Jemma, I was due October 9th. With Max, August 10th. In those pregnancies I pretty much knew that I’d have an October baby and an August baby. But this little guy, well, I’m due December 28th. To me, a believer in guess dates (versus due dates), I could definitely have a December baby. But, […]

35 + 36 Weeks

35 weeks pregnant

How far along: 36 weeks, 2 days Gender: A little man. Who is oh so loved. Weight gain: I’ve tipped into the 170s, so, plus 25-ish pounds. And with the holidays it is only going to skyrocket from here. I blame eggnog lattes. Ok, fine, and this dip. Sleep: I have sequestered myself to the guest room and it’s […]

33 + 34 Weeks

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How far along: 34 weeks Gender: A boy! And we finally have a name! Well, at least a first name. Weight gain: As of last week’s midwife appointment … +23 pounds, sitting pretty at 168 pounds total. Sleep: I am the pillow queen. More pillows equals more comfort for mama. Best moment this week: I took a bellybinding class on […]

“Nursery” Peek


  Nurseries aren’t really a big deal around here. They never have been. Jemma had a little corner in our room and a play space in our guest room. Max too, had a corner in our room. That’s it. Talk about depriving our children and saving money while we’re at it! Seriously though, we always […]