Maternity Stitch Fix #4 … And What I Kept Isn’t Even Maternity!

Where did fixes #2 and #3 go? Laziness, folks, with a dash of busyness. If you’re just dying to know, I kept this cardigan from my second maternity fix and nothing from the third fix. Well, technically I kept one top, but I sold it in the Stitch Fix Maternity BST group. Today’s fix represents my 12th overall! It all started way back when I was newly postpartum with Max and what still amazes me is that Stitch Fix continues to be spot on with sizing and style for my current season of life. You can see all the fixes I’ve shared here. The Stitch Fix stylists are just amazing. If you STILL haven’t started your Style Profile, you just must. Do it here. Do it now. I earn a credit too so super appreciate you using my link!

And now, without further adieu, here’s my most recent fix!

stitchfix septemberI requested the Market & Spruce Jahana Cargo Vest after seeing it on Pinterest. Having a style board is so helpful when your stylist is curating your fix. This vest is not a maternity piece but I figured it would fit decently now and even better later. I was right :) I also got …

  • Rune Kiley Maternity Ankle Zip Leggings
  • Creative Commons Feora Maternity Dress
  • Pale Sky Flanders Pintck Detail Maternity Blouse
  • Kut From The Kloth Denna Maternity Skinny Jean

stitch fix sept 1 stitch fix sept 2 stitch fix sept 3 stitch fix sept 4I’m of the mind set that more fixes are more fun so I usually only keep one thing out of each box. I suppose you could call that my Stitch Fix philosophy. This way I can order another fix right away without breaking the bank! For this fix, I kept the vest. Because it was totally love! Although, there was that one fix where I kept everything and got the 25% off deal for keeping all 5 pieces.

Ready to take the Stitch Fix plunge?

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