A Year With My Nursling


Welcome to the World Breastfeeding 2013 Blog Carnival cohosted by NursingFreedom.org and The San Diego Breastfeeding Center! This post was written for inclusion in the WBW 2013 Blog Carnival. Our participants will be writing and sharing their stories about community support and normalizing breastfeeding all week long. Find more participating sites in the list at […]

Max | 11 Months


Hey Bubs, Mama is kind of in denial about you being 11 months, just 30 days until THE BIG DAY. Your birthday! In so many ways you are still my squishy little baby. You love to snuggle, nurse and be close. Always. And I love it. Thanks for filling up my mama heart on the […]

Interview | Jemma, 2 3/4 years old


The other day during one of our “please chill out and get a grip” just for fun baths, I decided to interview Jemma. She’s been talking up a storm lately and saying some of the darndest things. Some of our current favorites are how she says “soooo crunchy!” when describing food – namely cookies and […]

Max | 8, 9 & 10 Months


Oh, Max, your silly mama has gotten behind. That means three months in one post :) Let’s see … you’ve been a busy little dude! There is no doubt about that! Crawling – bear crawls are your specialty AND climbing up the stairs in record speed. Plus, you’re an eating machine – green beans, bananas, […]

Two and Half


Half birthdays have always been a celebration around here.  Jemma’s second was no exception. I even cancelled her dentist appointment and took her for “pink birthday cake” which she had been incessantly requesting after watching a birthday episode of Dora. In anticipation for her dentist appointment we had been talking about the teeth doctor and […]

Max | 7 Months


Oh, my dear boy … Seven months already, really? Well, 7 1/2 if we’re getting technical. Mama is behind on documenting things! We spent much of your 6-7 month being sick. It was awful, breaks my heart to see you sniffling and hear your little coughs. Good news is, we are well now and have […]

Max | 6 Months


This precious boy has bounded through the first half of his first year. I can hardly believe that my snuggly little man is rolling, sitting, smiling, cooing and filling with more and more life each day. He has become a super mama’s boy and is absolutely smitten with his sister. He loves being close to […]

Max | 5 Months


Melt my heart, why don’t ya, Max? Five months is looking so good on you! You are embracing your new world of sitting up, with help still, but you are getting super strong. With your first snow in mid December you also accomplishing rolling over from tummy to back and blowing lots of smiley bubbles. […]

Max | 4 Months


Oh, well, hey there handsome fella! Words can’t quite describe how wonderful life is with you. You fill each day with smiles and giggles (a few tears on occasion too) and Jemma and I can’t get enough. Daddy too, but Jem and I are the ones who put in the long hours with you :) […]

Max | 3 Months


Mr. Max … You make Mama’s heart swell with love, pride, and all thing good each and every day. You’ve started smiling from ear to ear (much more than your Sissy ever did) and we all love making funny faces and sounds at you to try and spark a grin. It isn’t very hard! You’re […]



I would say shame on me for taking so long to share about Jemma’s actual birthday … but no, these outtakes from her two year old pictures explain it all. As I’m sure you can imagine, life is wild and busy with this little firecracker by my side. She’s an absolute gem Jem! After breakfast […]