Potty Training Now, Because …

potty training

Reid turned three recently and for awhile now, I’ve thought he has been ready to make the transition from diapers to handsome little boy unders. But, he hasn’t really asked. And, on my end, I haven’t really felt much worry about pressing it. 

All over the internet you’ll find articles about the best time to potty train. And how. And products you need to make it successful. Shoot, I think I’ve even written some! 

But truly, the right time to potty train?

When THEY are ready.

A specific age doesn’t make it the right time.

A website’s expert doesn’t know your child’s temperament or individual circumstances and thus, they don’t know the right time.

And your sister/neighbor/aunt’s best friend … they don’t know the right time either.

You know your child. I know Reid. I knew that a little potty wouldn’t really be his jam. I knew that involving my sister/his aunt would make it 10x more fun for him. I knew that he would be thrilled to get beverage upon beverage as we filled up his bladder and set the timer for potty stops. I also knew that he would try to lock the door every time he sat on the toilet …

We’re only two days in, but we’ve already left the house in underwear. We’ve had dry naps and nights. We’ve had a few accidents, but that’s part of the learning process. So, dare I say – potty training has been easy. He was ready. 

And just like that. Another milestone. Check. Tears. But only from me. Reid is all smiles. After all, doesn’t flushing the toilet multiple times each day bring you joy?

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