This Week’s Wisdom

Here is a smidgen of great links and articles I’ve read in the last week. The internet is such an arsenal of wisdom. I love learning from other moms!

This project has me itching for Valentine’s Day! Since I’ve been sewing more, I plan to whip up some of these sweet cards next year.

Even though we have landed on our vaccine decision, I still like to read up on other perspectives. Here is a fabulous post about weighing such an important decision.

Jemma spends at least an hour each day in the car, therefore car seat safety is crucial. Rear-facing for as long as possible is a huge safety factor which is why we landed on this car seat.

10 Reasons to Nurse a Toddler – it’s not for everyone, but it might be for us … we’ll see.

Toys are just now becoming popular in our house, I’m excited to introduce lots of wood, cloth and my most favorite, play silks. Maybe I’ll even dye some of my own silks!

We’re getting lots of questions about starting cereal with Jemma. After some research, I’m thinking of skipping cereal and moving right on to people food.

I had thought about starting swim lessons soon, this article (from my wise, big sis) made me think again.

Have you read anything lately worth sharing? Leave a link in the comments so we can all learn!
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  1. says

    You've got to get the Super Baby Food book! It gives lots of recipes and uses REAL food that you and I would eat. And tells you when to introduce certain veggies and fruits based on allergens. Even the 'super porridge' is good for everyone in the house. Mine is still missing and I need to find it. But for now, Madelyn does not like rice cereal, but she loves oatmeal. And making your very own baby food is so easy!