Bring On the Calm – Hypnobabies for Birth #2

Joining Julie at A Little Bit of All  of It for her Preparing for Birth Series. This week’s focus is Childbirth Education. Want to participate? Learn about all the upcoming topics here!

During my first pregnancy Dominic and I took Bradley classes. It was the perfect fit for us as first time parents since it incorporated great information about nutrition, labor, and caring for our new baby. It really brought us together as a couple and Dominic grew to become the most amazing birth support. I blogged here and there about our Bradley experience, but nothing complete. You can read a little snippet of my take away here … Overflowing With Hope.

For my second birth I wanted to try something different. Having gone through labor once, I feel like know the areas I need to brush up on. For starters, I experienced alot of anxiety in the early hours of my labor. I was 38 weeks 5 days when my water broke and was completely caught off guard at the quick onset of contractions. I think this anxiety tightened me up and stressed me out. I’m hoping to ease into labor more gracefully this time around. Hence, the start of my Hypnobabies home study.


 Hypnobabies mission is …

  • To help every expectant mother prepare for her baby’s birth in a way that helps her fully enjoy the rest of her pregnancy in health and peace, so that she eagerly looks forward to her birthing day.
  • To help every expectant mother have the easiest, safest and most comfortable childbirth experience she can, allowing her to fully enjoy her birthing, and pass that legacy along to her children, friends and family.
  • To educate and support all Birth Partners, so that they too can look forward to and enjoy the birth of their child with confidence, retaining the memory of childbirth as a beautiful, inspiring life event.
  • To help babies be born as gently and safely as possible, so that their entrance into our world can be one of joy and wonder, quiet and peace.
  • To support our Hypno-Moms, no matter what their choices are, before, during and after their babies are born. Every mother counts; every baby is loved; every birth is a gift.
  • To educate the medical community on the benefits of natural childbirth, how to work with couples who have chosen this wonderful way to give birth, and to respect each birthing woman’s choices as she comes to them for prenatal care and birthing assistance.
  • To educate the natural childbirth community on the special needs and desires of Hypnobabies birthing couples, towards an easier and more enjoyable experience for all. 
In the beginning I was a little skeptical of hypnosis as a labor tool. But, I’m totally coming around to it; the repetitiveness brings comfort and the calming voice and sounds on each CD promote wellness and strength.

I’ve completed the introduction lesson from the home study and am looking forward to delving into each of the 5 classes. For accountability, I’m planning to blog a bit about each section. My goal is to have the coursework done within the next 10 weeks (one lesson spread out and practiced every 2 weeks), that puts me at 37 weeks and ready for a BOMB birth :)

Your mind will create for you what you dwell upon most. This is what I took away from the introduction of Hynobabies. It surrounds the idea of creating a Bubble of Peace. Within my Bubble of Peace I don’t allow negativity. No fearful birth stories, no doubts, or anxiety. Keeping a positive vision of my baby’s birth will bring about positive results. I’m choosing to stay upbeat and excited about my upcoming labor. I’m not dwelling on a possible transfer, long labor, or the pain I can so easily remember; things that a few short weeks ago brought me tears and made me fear birth. I’m choosing to stay positive while recognizing and validating my past experience. Overall, my hope is that I’ll gain a new round of confidence as I enter birth. I’m not seeking to eliminate pain; just a fresh perspective, boost of endurance, and in the end, a happy and healthy baby in my arms.

This Q&A from Hynobabies was especially encouraging to me …

Q) Although I did natural birthing techniques for baby #1… I had a hard birth – a long, stalled labor with Pitocin and an epidural.
I would like to do Hypnobabies for #2 but I wonder if it can work for me, since I’ve learned “other” techniques, and had such a negative birthing experience with #1.  I wonder if I would be able to maintain hypnosis when the familiar feelings/smells/sounds return… or would the traumatic memories of #1 override it?
Just curious if anyone else has had a similar experience- with a negative birthing experience first, and then a successful “hypno-birthing” experience next?
A) A lot of moms who have used Hypnobabies over the years have had similar circumstances to yours, and they have had beautiful births. Many of our second-time moms who are first-time Hypnobabies moms don’t believe they are well into their birthing time until they feel that familiar urge to push since their hypnosis techniques keep them so relaxed, calm and comfortable. We call these, “healing births” and all moms deserve them!
Our Hypnobabies Childbirth Hypnosis program includes a Fear Release track that helps moms to ‘de-program’ from a prior traumatic birth so they can prepare for a subsequent baby’s birth from a place of calm and confidence.
 You might like to join our YAHOO support group for mothers who are using hypnosis for their births. You can ask your questions there and women who have had your experience will support and encourage you! The group also has Hypnobabies Instructors and Hypno-Doulas who provide information and support about using hypnosis for childbirth.

The mom asking the questions sounds just like me! After sharing my fears about birth #2 with my midwife she talked a lot about how this birth can aid in my emotional healing.

Have you experienced Hypnobabies? What was your experience like?
Or, did you try a different childbirth education method … what were its’ perks?
P.S. I love this blog, Enjoy Birth! You can even download a free Hypnobabies MP3! Also, Melissa of Dear Baby shared her Hypno-experience post-baby which is a worthwhile read :)


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