Jemma, let me introduce you to Nordstrom

Jemma has had two trips to Nordstrom in her short life. Her first as a mama/baby date and her second with me, Mimi and Auntie Hannah. The first adventure wasn’t intentional. I had to make a quick stop at the mall for a return and decided to turn it in to an afternoon outing – stroller and all. We parked at Nordstrom, knowing it is a mother friendly store, since I planned to make good ol’ Nordies our home base. A special shout out to Nordstrom for having Mother’s Nursing Rooms. What a genius idea. You’ll keep me coming back, that’s for sure! We ended up wandering through B.P. where I happened upon a delightful pair of jeans for my post-baby bod. Sadly, this trip ended tragically. Imagine me carrying a squirmy, somewhat fussy Jemma pushing a stroller and holding my Starbucks. Yes, it is a wonder I survived. Mid-mall I had to rip off my scarf because I was so sweaty from carrying 12 pound Jem while drinking a hot beverage. I have yet to be back to the mall on my own. I think I am subconsciously scarred.
The second adventure is when Jemma scored. Here she is modeling her first pair of Nordstrom shoes … Panda Bear Robeez which were part of the Half Yearly Sale!
It’s true … I knows how to glam up panda shoes
Yeah, I know I’m a cutie
I <3 pandas and Robeez and Nordstroms
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  1. says

    I love Norstrom's too. And those Robeez are SO CUTE! I still can't get over her cheeks. If I were you, I'd squish them everyday. She's darling.

  2. says

    Your little girl is darling! I just want to pinch her adorable cheeks.And I also love the Nordstrom mother's rooms, they are such a lifesaver when shopping! I even called the headquarters at one point to thank them for having such nice facilities for mothers. Maybe other stores will follow suit.