American Beauty

Remember my Baltic Beauty post? Well, I tried to re-create it. I’m going to try again later for a number of reasons … no pink ribbon, squirmy baby which equaled bad swaddling and lack of good lighting thanks to daylight saving time. In the meantime, here is the best shot …

Hedgehog Love

My mom’s uber-talented friend, Bridget, whipped up this AMAZING hedgehog blanket … isn’t it FABULOUS! From what I hear … there are more Bridget surprises coming too. Can’t wait!

Reflections of Motherhood

My dear blog friend, Nessa, sent me the link to this YouTube video. Such encouragement to have arrive in my inbox just a few weeks before I become a mom to an out-of-womb baby. Thank you, Nessa! Help us reach the first page on … it only takes 2 clicks and you can vote once […]

When I’m Sleepy

Over the last few weeks Dominic has been reading When I’m Sleepy to our baby/my tummy before bed. It’s super sweet and completely melts my heart. He then closes off with a simple, profound prayer before turning off the lights.My baby and I are blessed to have a daddy/husband like him. We love you, Dominic!

Albert & Rainer

Albert Camus (philosopher) and Rainer Maria Rilke (poet) write some of my most favorite things. Takes me back to when I almost minored in philosophy. I mean, how can you not love these words …Albert CamusBeauty is unbearable, drives us to despair, offering us for a minute the glimpse of an eternity that we should […]

Blueberries for Baby … Next Year

We woke up this morning with grand plans to visit a u-pick blueberry farm. I wanted to get a batch to eat and a batch to freeze. So, I dressed in my sweetest blueberry outfit and off we went! Only to find out that our blueberry farm was “Closed for Ripening”. So, our trip has […]