Underwater Baby

Barbara Harper, the founder of Waterbirth International, has a great explanation of the most frequest waterbirth question I get … What prevents baby from breathing under water? There are four main factors that prevent the baby from inhaling water at the time of birth: Prostaglandin E2 levels from the placenta which cause a slowing down […]

Waterbirth Study in the U.K.

I’ve gotten a handful of questions about the safety of a waterbirth and although I am convinced of the safety I have started researching more about its history and its’ practice in other countries. This article by Michel Odent, MD, (of the United Kingdom) gave a great perspective with gobs of supporting research. Odent wrote, […]

September 23rd

From the beginning I have thought my due date was September 30th. You know, based on my handy dandy ovulation tracking iPhone application. But, based on my LMP, my midwife declared my due date at October 9th. So that’s what we’ve gone with.But, now I’m wondering … well, kind of stressing.There is such a wide […]

Waterbirth Statistics

If this doesn’t affirm my excitement for a waterbirth I don’t know what will!Hip Chick Pregnancy Guide wrote …The following are some interesting statistics about waterbirthing. The women had shorter labors Cervical dilation was more efficient – 2.5 cm/hour compared with 1.25cm/hour for mothers who did not take advantage of water during their labors The […]

Pregnant Gals – add to your “to-buy” list

I keep reading how relaxation is key to a natural birth.You know, eliminate the high pitch shrieks when the contractions are about ready to kill me. No tightening up. Positive thinking. All that crap that I’ll probably through out the window as I scream bloody murder and yell every explitive I’ve ever heard …Sidenote – […]