Permission to Mother

For women of sensibility, this book will take you where you are in your journey of motherhood and give you a different way of looking at your unique circumstances. It will renew in you a sense of hope and wonder as you mother your children.

-Bernadette Clark, RN, CD (DONA)

I stumbled across Permission to Mother by Denise Punger, MD FAAFP IBCLC while searching birth books at the library. It has turned out to be quite the favorite … I’m about halfway done and loving it. It is a bit fringe, but fringe is good. It makes me ask questions and ponder how these ideas might fit into my family. I’ll never know if I like/dislike something until I try it.

Dr. Punger practices family medicine in Florida and has expertise in breastfeeding medicine (a specialty few doctors have which focus on those involved in the breastfeeding cycle … women of childbirth age and their children). She is also Jewish which brings a unique spiritual perspective to the birth process. After reflecting on her third birth (which was her first homebirth) she wrote, ” By this time I could clearly understand why my doulas want to restore Godly confident to woman to birth their own babies. The medical model of fear-based birth influenced by politics, legal and corporate greed does not work for women. Women must be responsible to pursue truth and meaning in childbirth. I am aware that the Creator of Life rewarded me with a lesson more spiritually powerful than I ever imagined. This has left me as an informed and devoted messenger of the way birth was designed to be.”

Her book is filled with stories from her life as a mother; supplemented by her knowledge as a practicing doctor. She never says her way is the only way, but rather encourages women to explore the ideal balance (in childbirth, breastfeeding, childrearing, etc.) for their family.

Buy Permission to Mother here.
Read Denise Punger’s blog here.
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    That book sounds awesome. I had a natural childbirth and prepared throughout my pregnancy by reading and memorizing Bible verses regarding fear and God's promises to not abandon us. I made it and came out so much stronger in my walk with Him. I believe God made our bodies to give birth (without meds) and equips us to do so while relying in Him for strength. I wrote about my birth story, check it out !