Pregnant Gals – add to your “to-buy” list

I keep reading how relaxation is key to a natural birth.

You know, eliminate the high pitch shrieks when the contractions are about ready to kill me. No tightening up. Positive thinking. All that crap that I’ll probably through out the window as I scream bloody murder and yell every explitive I’ve ever heard …

Sidenote – I was at my midwife appt a few weeks ago and as soon as I stood on the scale (which was in the hallway right outside one of the birthing rooms) I started to hear some loud moaning. Then the loudest scream of “mother f—er” I have ever heard in my whole life. It kind of dazed me. Like, “OMG, does it really hurt that bad?!?!?”

So, back to relaxing :) I have good intentions of staying relaxed and I’m pretty sure this CD will be a big part of it. LOVE IT!

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