Design Mom & The Perfect Birth Plan

Between my infatuation with childbirth, babies and craft projects I have literally fallen in love with Design Mom. I read her everyday. Usually during a quick break at work when I need an upbeat refresher. Her family is adorable (she has 6 kiddos), her crafts are lovely, and some days I kind of wish we could meet up just to chat.

This last month she has been featuring birth stories as a tribute to her 6th pregnancy (and now baby girl, June). I love reading other mom’s stories. It has been reassuring to know every birth is different. No two are alike, and there is beauty in each one no matter how hard, easy or funny it is. Reading other stories has helped me to let go of “the perfect birth” I have planned in my head …

Contractions begin, but they don’t hurt very bad. We call our families and all decide to meet up for a stroll along the river before heading to the birth center. Even though it is October, the weather is perfect. No umbrellas needed.

At the birth center I get the room I want. We play Scrabble and tell fun stories; maybe watch a movie like Anne of Green Gables. Contractions are still at it, but I’m a trooper so I continue on and eventually win Scrabble.

Move into the massive waterbirth tub … start my birthing playlist. Surprised I am dialating as fast as I am. Baby is excited to greet the world, and then a few pushes … maybe 30 minutes worth … TA DA … BABY ARRIVES! No tearing, no complications … happy mom and happy baby. Birth is cake.

So back to what I was saying, reading all of these birth stories has helped me to lose some of my control-freak-ness and move forward with a more carefree birth plan. I’m still going to educate myself on the process, I’m still going to hope and pray for the best, but I’m ok taking the rough road if need be. In the end, we are going to be a family of 3 and that’s all that matters.

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