We met our secondary midwife, Adele, at our appointment this week. She is a real sweetheart and totally has the “mom” vibe. I am absolutely thrilled with our birth team … they are so experienced and make me feel very relaxed with all the unknowns of birth.

Adele Rose has been attending births since 1977. She became a primary attendant in 1981 serving a very rural community on the SW Washington & NW Oregon coast. She worked as an empirically trained home birth midwife for 15 years. In 1996 Adele decided to formalize her midwifery education by attending Birthingway College of Midwifery in Portland, Oregon. She graduated in 1999 & became licensed in Washington State where she continued to practice for the next five years. In 2004 Adele moved to Portland and later joined the Andaluz Waterbirth Center. Adele has four grown children, (three born at home) and has many grandchildren. She thoroughly enjoys every moment spent with her family and loves hiking, jumping in wild rivers, knitting and sleeping.
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