25(ish) Week Appointment

So, this is a week late which means I might not remember much, but hey … I’m doing my best to keep up with this whole pregnancy journal thing :)

Last Monday was our 25(ish) week appointment at Andaluz. We met with Lucina and her apprentice, Lindsey who will both be attending our birth. Lucina is off for the month of July so we’ll be well into August (AND MONTH 8) when we see here again!

We went through the checklist of preggo symptoms … heartburn is the only one I’ve been dealing with. Apparently eating and drinking separately should help as well as a glass of baking soda water (not sure if I’ll be brave enough to try this one). Crunching raw almonds is supposed to help too.

My mom came along so she could see where the baby would be born. She was super jealous of my “breakfast in bed”-esque birthing center :)

We heard the heartbeat loud and clear and chatted about cloth diapers, co-sleeping (did you know that when stats are reviewed in depth it is usually intoxicated parents who harm there children co-sleeping, us sober ones handle co-sleeping just fine), and the potential of a breech birth. Dominic had been reading about breeches and wanted to know our plan (seriously, he is such an involved Daddy). We are in such good hands at Andaluz! Lucina has lots of technques to turn baby beforehand and if our little one stays breech (which isn’t a concern now), Lucina is trained (with experience) to deliver vaginally. Sigh of relief.

Next appointment is at the end of July then we’ll be moving to every 2 week appointments … crazy.

And here’s something else just for fun …
Kate Quinn Sleep Sacks. So snuggly. So sweet.

Mom and I are going to check out their clearance showroom in Kirkland soon. I am sure there will be many spoils to share after that adventure :)

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    WOW! and yay! Most doctors/midwives nowadays aren't trained to deliever vaginal breeches, that's awesome! My grandma had my mom (who was a twin) breech with no problems, but then the doctors told my mom she'd die if she tried to have me breech, and she's even much bigger than my grandma! Pffft, i say.I'm really impressed that you were able to talk about co-sleeping with them too! I have to flat out lie to our pedeatrician or i'm 99% sure she'd call child services on me. Which is such nonsense because, like you said, co-sleeping deaths are from intoxicted/drugged (including some legal ones) or by parents with a sleeping disorder. NOT normal, healthy situations. I mean, most cultures around the world sleep with their babies, and we've gotten to almost 7billion people pretty okay!