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I just realized I never recapped my last midwife appointment. It was almost two weeks ago and we’re already gearing up for the next one on the 16th. I guess you could say I’m getting a touch busy with all this new mama business. We’ve been quite busy!

Take this weekend for example … TWO SHOWERS! A mini co-ed shower with my Dad’s side of the family and a gathering of all the gals at my church where I grew up!

The family shower was a taco bar fiesta!

My sisters, Hannah and Katie, me and Aunt Sara digging into our taco salad while fighting off the crazy mosquitos

JanMom (my mother-in-law) made us an adorable fleece blanket with owls and bright colors … she knows what baby (and mama) love!

We had a lovely brunch at the church Saturday morning. Some of these ladies were at the hospital when my mom gave birth to me! They have been there for every milestone in my life … such a blessing!

So many sweet presents

Every time my mom sees me she has a little heart attack about how un-swollen my feet are. Here is the proof!

My childhood friend, Brittany, had twins this May – Ava (with me) and Landon. We had to snap a picture of what will soon be 3 generations … grandma friends, mama friends and baby friends!

Back to my last appointment. We went through the routine … pee in a cup, blood pressure, heart rate, baby’s heartbeat, etc. Everything looked splendid! Adele spent quite a while massaging my tummy to determine baby’s placement. Already head down, WOOHOO! This head down position has led to lots of high kicks (which sometimes end up in my ribs andboobs) and lots of bum movement on my side. So fun to feel all of the squirming throughout the day. That’s right, the ones that happen at night are not categorized as fun. Those are just annoying.

This week we have our weekly Bradley Birth Class, the vaccine class I registered for awhile back and dinner with our newly married friends Nate and Lacey! The fun never stops :)

Last but not least, Cameron, the wonderful mama and author of Ingenue Mom, has asked me to guest post this week! Keep your eye out for a big splash of a post on waterbirths!

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    Baby sure is showered with a lot of love! The 3 generations of friends picture is so sweet…I can't wait to see the one with your bundle in it!