22 Week Appointment

Time is flying by … before I know it, it will be Thanksgiving and I’ll have a little bundle tied to me all the time! Won’t that be something to be thankful for :)

On Monday we trekked to Tualatin for our monthly midwife appointment. It takes a good 40 minutes to get there, but we don’t battle the downtown traffic, so I’m pleased (and my blood pressure/pulse stay down since I’m not driving in a panicked frenzy).

Everything checked out fine. We talked about our upcoming birth class (we’re taking a Bradley Method class starting next week), nutrition and maternity leave. I almost had a heart attack when she asked when I planned to start maternity leave. I responded with, “When am I supposed to?” (Because seriously, when are you supposed to? Advice please …). She said she has some moms who are ready at 32 weeks and others who work up to the day the baby is born. Hmmm … food for thought.

We heard baby’s heartbeat with just a stethoscope too … little one is getting big!

Here are some amazing pictures from the Tualatin Birth Center … doesn’t it look comfy? If it wasn’t the whole labor part I would think I was signing up for a bed and breakfast!

My homework is to bump up the omega-3 fatty acids since this trimester baby’s brain is developing. I’m not about to start swallowing fish oil pills. Have you heard about the awful taste you burp up? Not for me. Luckily, Lucina said there are some great lemon flavored gummies at New Seasons that do the trick. I also read on Mothering that flax seed is a great source of omegas. What do you cook with flax seed? I wondered too … good thing Mothering had a recipe for Banana Flax Cookies! Don’t cookies sound much more appetizing when compared to fish oil?

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  1. says

    Maternity leave? I worked right up to the very day Karrington was born. I don't know that I would recommend it, but if it is necessary, just make sure to relax when home.

  2. says

    Save all your leave for until after baby is here! I worked up to Z's due date and similar with T. As for flax – I put flax meal in anything from homemade granola, muffins, oatsmeal, etc. You don't even it's in there!

  3. says

    How much leave do you get from work? I would recommend taking at least a few weeks of leave before you deliver to get a few last minute tasks done and get some last minute R&R in. I was planning on taking 3-4 weeks before my due date but Bishop hand an opinion on that and came early. Thank goodness I left work early that day other wise my water would have broke at my desk. My water broke 5 minutes after I got home. Going into labor at work does NOT seem like a very pleasant idea to me.

  4. Chelsea Dickens says

    As far a flax – I put it in almost everything. It has to be ground up & I by the pre ground kind, I like the cold milled stuff at Costco (doesn't have to go in the fridge) or I get it at the grocery store. I put the stuff in pancakes, yogurt, even in spaghetti sauce, etc.

  5. says

    I'm pleased to hear you are doing a birthing center! My boss just has her second baby yesterday, at home! She was 4cm dilated for a couple weeks (eek! ) and finally yesterday she was having pretty consistent contractions…went home and within 15 min she had her baby, delivered by her hubby and mom! It went very smoothly :) I have another friend who did a birthing center who had a good experience