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My vision insurance has renewed and I’m now on the hunt for the perfect pair of glasses. I’ve decided to go with glasses instead of my normal contact, because with a baby I figure I’m going to be up at night and napping during the day. That’s my pre-mama thought at least. Plus, I get more out of my insurance with glasses.

My last pair were Sarah Palin-esque … no rim on the bottom and chic as can be. I think I’m going to go for chunky black this time.

Dominic went with me to my eye appointment and didn’t have much input, so I left without ordering anything. My ma is coming to Portland this weekend so I’m going to take her on the hunt. I hope to head back to the eye doctor tomorrow to show her the few I found and hit up Costco. That’s that.

What are your thoughts on contacts versus glasses with a little one?

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    Girl, I don't know what's better with a baby… I can just imagine a toddler or grabby baby ripping glasses off though. Or like.. imagine looking down and having to push them back up on your nose. See where I'm going with this?

  2. says

    Both. In the first weeks, I wore my glasses a lot just because I was so tired and it was easier. As they get bigger and grab at everything, I wore my contacts. I'm a contacts girl though too, so that is usually my first choice!