Bottle Drama

Jemma and I are getting ready for my transition back to work next month (sad face). With this comes some bottle drama. We introduced a bottle to her around 5 weeks and she seemed to do fine. Since I know she can take one, I stopped consistently giving her one. Bad idea. Now she fights […]

Cloth Nursing Pads

I ordered some bamboo/wool cloth nursing pads with a hemp middle. They are supposed to be amazingly absorbant and easy to just hand wash each evening. Do you have any experience with cloth nursing pads … or nursing pads in general. How many should I have on hand? Help us reach the first page on […]

Reflections of Motherhood

My dear blog friend, Nessa, sent me the link to this YouTube video. Such encouragement to have arrive in my inbox just a few weeks before I become a mom to an out-of-womb baby. Thank you, Nessa! Help us reach the first page on … it only takes 2 clicks and you can vote once […]