Packing … again

Being surrounded by boxes I’ve noticed my mind wandering on to the next packing project … my bag for baby’s birthday!!! What are the must-haves in my birth bag? I know I’ll need a change of clothes and normal toiletries, but what else? Do you take a book or a deck of cards? Have I […]

Week of the Amazing Aunts – M’Lissa

M’Lissa, Bishop and Mike You can visit M’Lissa’s blog here. – I’m telling you all right off … your life isn’t complete without a big sister. Scratch that, older sister. “Big” is not a term appreciated by older sisters (take note, Katie and Hannah). Most of my early memories with M’Lissa are documented in pictures […]

Laundry Detergent

When I’m trying to drift off to sleep I think of random things like, “OMG, what kind of laundry detergent should I use for all the baby clothes!” Right now we have this … from Costco: What do you use for your baby items? Do you separate baby stuff from the rest of the family’s […]

Having a baby is simple …

Ok, that might be going a bit far, but in the very least the stuff related to having a baby is simple. For a good part of my childhood I believed I was born in the wrong century. I truly thought I was meant to be a pioneer. I lived in the woods and had […]

Belly Bands

BellaBand = my bra for the bump I’m in love with my BellaBands! They are helping me to transition for . Who would have thought that a smudge of elastic could work such wonders? Over the last few weeks I have acquired two … both by Ingrid & Isabel. One has lace on the bottom […]

Meet Bruce

My family just finished building a house and my soon-to-be 18 year old sis, Hannah, has been doing alot of sorting. Sorting that includes deciding which childhood memories are worth keeping, what should be passed on, and what should join the mega garage sale we are planning for July. This weekend she found a tub […]

Birthing Classes

Ok mamas out there … What type of birthing class did you take? What was your experience like? Was it worth it? We are in the midst of trying to decide which, if any, birthing class we should take. Dominic wants to be pretty involved so I am leaning towards taking something so we can […]

I See

My vision insurance has renewed and I’m now on the hunt for the perfect pair of glasses. I’ve decided to go with glasses instead of my normal contact, because with a baby I figure I’m going to be up at night and napping during the day. That’s my pre-mama thought at least. Plus, I get […]

I’m getting the registry bug, but am forcing myself to hold off for a while longer. But in anticipation …Question for the mamas:What is the most important or most practical item to register for? Why?Question for the non-mama baby lovers:What is your favorite thing to give at a baby shower? Why?