Classic Books to Read With Your Daughter

When it comes to books, I’m a historical fiction kind of girl. As long as I can remember, I’ve been drawn to “old” stories – the ones filled with period dresses, adventures in the unknown and bedtime at sundown. Don’t all us mothers dream of a sundown bedtime? Even though my daughter is just two, […]

Bring On the Calm – Hypnobabies for Birth #2

Joining Julie at A Little Bit of All  of It for her Preparing for Birth Series. This week’s focus is Childbirth Education. Want to participate? Learn about all the upcoming topics here! During my first pregnancy Dominic and I took Bradley classes. It was the perfect fit for us as first time parents since it […]

Gentle Discipline Phrases

Ah! Perfect! I ran across a list of useful phrases for gentle discipline. LOVE IT! Faves include: “What did you want to happen there?” “It looks like you’re feeling _____.” “Let’s take ten deep breaths together before we talk about this.” What are some of your favorite gentle discipline phrase?